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Getting the Word Out

I have no trouble understanding dogs.  Most of the time, explaining things to their owners isn’t any problem, either.  I love taking care of doggies and planning the curriculum for classes. Writing brochures and homework sheets is a breeze.  However, it’s always been a bit of trouble for me to figure out how to advertise.  How to reach people who need help with their pup without spending the big bucks?  I’ve found one answer.

THUMBTACK is an online referral service. There is no annual or monthly fee.  Signing up costs nothing, and they give you some “freebies” to see how well their service fits your needs.  In the past week, I’ve received over a dozen referrals and they only “counted” towards my trial offer, if I thought their needs were a good fit for me and choose to send a quote.  I’ve got a couple new clients and have been able to judge how to tailor my Thumbtack profile to help steer some of the “poor fits” away. I’m almost done with my “freebies” but I will only pay for the referrals I decide to quote. Seems pretty cost-effective.

Here’s my link at Thumbtack if you want to check it out.  They handle referrals for just about any service — not just dog training!

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